Dry-Aged to Perfection

A perfect meal begins with exceptional beef. Our rich flavors can only be achieved through our patient, artesian-style dry-aging process, the buttery result will please any palate whether in a restaurant or home.

Prime vs. Reserve

Each of our superior cuts of beef are available in both prime and reserve. The difference? Prime is distinguished by the amount of marbling found on the cut. Its trademark marbling indicates the cooked steak will be extremely juicy and rich. Reserve is high quality but less marbled resulting in a lower fat content yet equally delicious product.


Impeccable Pork for Every Plate

Legacy Maker’s pork is an indulgent addition to any plate. Our pork is raised at nature’s pace to ensure the promise of only serving the highest quality meats. With hand-cut, smoked or cured options, we have a flavor for everyone.