Taking an
American Classic
To a New Level

Legacy Maker’s slow-raised ground beef yields a rich, distinctive flavor profile that turns the beloved burger into a completely new taste experience—now available at your retail grocer in convenient patties ready for the grill.

Premium in Every Way

  • Certified USDA-grade Prime or the highest grade of Choice
  • Audited & verified all natural
  • Raised on a 100% sustainable Indiana farm
  • NEVER any hormones or growth promoters
  • 100% in-house dry aged a minimum 7 days
  • 100% gluten-free | zero MSGs

Legacy MakerSignature Blend Prime

Ground and packaged fresh, with marbling that’s exclusively worthy of grading USDA prime, our Signature Blend is crafted to be the juiciest, most sublime burger you’ve ever had.

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Legacy MakerSteakhouse Blend Reserve

Our USDA high-choice blend is a meatier fresh grind, perfect for those craving the same robust Legacy Maker flavor in a burger with a slightly lower fat content.

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Retail Buyers

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